Parents today are really struggling to help their children, so it is exciting to know that children can develop stronger reading skills from special programs. Children absorb more information before the age of five than at any other stage in their lives, and can do so in many different ways. These breakthrough techniques combine critical early reading skills with colorful action, stirring their curiosity to explore the world of books. Our products are developed by a team of teachers, parents and authors whose goal is to engage children by making education fun. We deeply believe that everyone can read!
Loo-Loo Holding ABC Title Screen
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Recommended for Preschoolers
The Kangaroo Crew’s app “Loo-Loo’s Alphabet Matching Game” has been developed for very young children. This fun-filled activity helps preschool toddlers to recognize letter shapes. There are three levels, so children can move smoothly from one level to the next. Introducing the alphabet in this easy and entertaining game initiates the beginning of a lifelong love of reading.


“An Educational Gem” – Testimonial

“The Kangaroo Crew Interactive Learning Activities Program is an imaginative readiness program designed to provide young children with the skills necessary to begin reading. It is a step by step carefully designed program, with a user friendly format, that motivates young children to excel and move on to continue learning. Children can activate it alone or with guidance. The progressive activities and the various games and rewards that accompany each section are highly motivating. Kangaroo Crew shows learning does not have to be dull it can be fun. It also teaches the value of practice and persistence. An educational Gem.”
– – Thomas Piskula PhD