The Kangaroo Crew’s games and apps have been developed for very young children to help preschool toddlers to recognize letter shapes even before they enter a school setting. By gaining these letter recognition skills at a very young age, children strengthen their confidence which contributes to more academic growth once they begin attending kindergarten. Introducing the alphabet in a fun and entertaining way initiates the beginning of a Lifelong LOVE of Reading!

Apps …………………………..

Loo-Loo’s Alphabet Matching Game
Recommended Ages: 3-4
Introduce the Letters of the Alphabet to Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers

Flash Games …………………………..

Match the Characters Game
Recommended Ages: 4-6
Enjoy Finding and Matching the Hidden Kangaroo Crew Characters
Shopping with Sam the Snail Game
Recommended Ages: 5-7
Recognize Letters as they Relate to Objects in a Fun Way
Letter Raceway Game
Recommended Ages: 6-8
Strengthen Letter Recognition Driving on this Exciting Racetrack
Collect the Vowels Game
Recommended Ages: 7-9
Find and Collect the Vowels in this Entertaining Action Game

Children will be excited to interact with these products where they won’t want to stop. The Step-by-Step levels are carefully designed so that as your child completes each level, he or she is encouraged to go on to the next one and they are naturally motivated to continue playing. They will grow so much more than you would have thought that they would have at their age. With many different types of art activities, The Kangaroo Crew will open doors to worlds of knowledge, adventure, and fun. You will soon see that these activities will quickly become one of your child’s favorite things to do.