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This can be your Child!
Parents Family with IPad There is a renewed emphasis on the value of the pre-school experience. Research has demonstrated that early reading skill development is a strong indicator of school success. Being a parent who is thinking about your child’s education, you are possibly questioning how to help inspire your child to LOVE to read. We suggest taking the time to think about where you want your pre-kindergarten child to be in grade 12. Often children shape their academic self-image between the ages of 3 and 10. During these critical years, children who develop early literacy skills are often motivated toward academic success.

As your Child succeeds, even if only a Couple of Letters at a Time, be Supportive!

Research from Pew Foundation has concluded that if we operate with the assumption that all children are capable of high-quality work when they are properly challenged and supported. Celebrate all successes, large or small, as it will motivate your child and encourage a lifelong love of reading. Parents should have high expectations for their child from a very early age, as this develops a solid academic foundation on which to build from the start.

The Kangaroo Crew’s methods are derived from the data that we collect through testing our products with diverse groups of children (ages 3-5) as well as feedback from teachers and parents who use our products. Our games are designed to give pre-schoolers the opportunity to develop knowledge of the alphabet prior to entering Kindergarten as well as reinforcing the instruction that early school-age children receive in the classroom.

Our games are easy to use because they are intuitively simple and there aren’t any complex instructions. Children retain information through a sequence of small steps. They are encouraged to play and explore by clicking on letters and objects, each of which reads aloud, so they expand their vocabulary simultaneously to remembering the alphabet. Through these systematic approaches children naturally come to recognize the relationship between the shapes of the letters and their sounds.

Sample our Free Games:
Parents Letter Raceway
Letter Raceway
Ages 6-8
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