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Your children won’t help but love and relate to the cute, charming and adorable characters of The Kangaroo Crew. That is because their sweet little faces have been designed to appeal to a young audience, however they are also endearing to adults as well as preschool children. All of The Kangaroo Crew’s cartoon characters contribute to the fun teachings and varied adventures that are integrated into each of our games. The colorful cast includes Loo-Loo the Kangaroo, Regal the Eagle, Shirl the Girl, Roy the Boy, Cathy the Cat, Dan the Dog, Tug the Bug, and the irresistible Bookworms. These playful characters encourage young children to want to interact with the games and activities, fostering natural and effortless reading development skills.

Each child possesses particular strengths and weaknesses and The Kangaroo Crew games are designed to help elevate those traits. Our goal is to build confidence in young readers in a way that removes their fear of the written word so that they trust and believe in themselves by using these preschool activities which are intended to transmit important alphabet basics. As a result of interacting with our products, children begin to master the skill to identify letters, objects and even a few simple words before they ever enter an elementary school setting. What makes our interactive mobile apps so fantastic is that you can use them anywhere, either on a desktop computer or on any mobile device. Through the use of these exciting preparatory products, The Kangaroo Crew encourages children to meet the challenge of a formalized reading program with enthusiasm, which will make their childhood education highly valuable while also emphasizing individuality.

Imagine if Children Entered School Actually Wanting to Read!