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This is a great educational program.

Lots of Fun

I'm a home schooler and I love this program. My daughter is three years old and says she has lots of fun and enjoys the characters.
Marlene F. - Home Schooler


This Program is amazing! My daughter will learn a lot with it. Also, I played and it is very clear.
Milagros - Educator

Excellent and Attractive Initiative

I am deeply impressed with the subject matter and methodology presented by The Kangaroo Crew Program. As an educator, I have been teaching at the university level and in the U.S. Intelligence Community for many years and have witnessed firsthand the urgent need for improvement in the reading and writing competence of young people entering the work force. It is abundantly clear that those who have not read very much or do not like to read are unable to write very well. They also possess glaring shortcomings in their overall linguistic abilities that include a poor command of the English language, limited vocabulary and fragile grammatical competence. Those who have not read very much often display weak oral communication skills. Poor reading comprehension inhibits the growth of critical thinking skills. The Kangaroo Crew Program is an excellent and attractive initiative to remedy these problems at an early stage.
Richard P. - Educator

A Great Thing to Offer the World

“The website looks great! The games are terrific. What an accomplishment! What a great thing to offer the world! I see it as addressing the critical learn-the-primary language market and also the smaller learn-a-secondary-language market simultaneously — and at the critical young age. And it is so affordable. (Perhaps more letter-based languages to come?) It is really something! Go! Go! Go!”
Thomas Piskula PhD

An Educational Gem

“The Kangaroo Crew Interactive Learning Activities Program is an imaginative readiness program designed to provide young children with the skills necessary to begin reading. It is a step by step carefully designed program, with a user friendly format, that motivates young children to excel and move on to continue learning. Children can activate it alone or with guidance. The progressive activities and the various games and rewards that accompany each section are highly motivating. Kangaroo Crew shows learning does not have to be dull it can be fun. It also teaches the value of practice and persistence. An educational Gem.”
Ellen - Teacher with 43 Years Experience

A Wonderful Complement to Academic Readiness

“Here at the F.M. Kirby Children’s Center, we found Kangaroo Crew to be a wonderful complement to the academic readiness activities that our teachers provide in the classroom for preschoolers and even toddlers. Loo-Loo’s Alphabet Game is beautifully designed, making it user-friendly and engaging for children while providing multiple aptitude levels that allow every child to succeed and then move up. Given the increasing use of tablets in the classroom for instruction, this program not only offered strong curriculum support, it also provided an introduction to the technology that children will be using in future years. Great program!”

Harriet McCarter, Executive Director,
F.M. Kirby Children’s Center - Madison Area YMCA

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